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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Crowdfunding Helps After-School Nonprofit Fitness Program Spread Health to Students

FITCLUB Foundation Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that provides after-school physical fitness activities and health education to students in Worcester, Mass., has grown so much that the organization has turned to crowdfunding to continue to expand the program, purchase equipment and pay for additional qualified fitness trainers. ...

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    Our ministry has reached a critical, yet, exciting juncture. And we need your support to move from surviving to thriving. With your help to ensure the...

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Dave Eggar, Surel's Place

NEA Grant Supports Nonprofit Haven for Artists to Hone Skills in Boise A...

Surel's Place, which was was one of three Idaho nonprofits to receive a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, houses artists from around the country and globe to host public workshops and performances or readings during their stay in Garden City. read more.

Staff WriterMarch 20, 2018
Dia & Co.

Women Entrepreneurs Lifting Female Innovation to New Heights

More women are starting their own businesses at a rate double their male counterparts and taking on leadership roles in both small and large companies. Grants for women, grants for small businesses and crowdfunding can help with the initial funding. read more.

Lianne HikindMarch 20, 2018

For the Birds - Crowdfunding Rescues Cornell University's Endangered Bio...

To help defray the costs of field studies at one of America's most endangered habitats, the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University sought the assistance of a crowdfunding campaign to raise the $15,000 needed to cover the cost of housing... read more.

Staff WriterMarch 19, 2018

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Restoring Men 1 Pallet At A Time

Our ministry has reached a critical, yet, exciting juncture. And we need your support to move from surviving to thriving. With your help to ensure the needs of our budget, we are poised to implement a... read more

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