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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Free Financing - Small Business Grant Transforms Miami Mom-and-Pop Upholstery Shop

A government investment from the Miami-Dade Mom and Pop Small Business Grant Program is credited with transforming morale at Chair Care Upholstery, which, in turn, has played a significant role in improving customer relationships and productivity. ...

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  • Save Legs And Save Lives

    Many elderly people with vascular disorders are unaware that they need compression stockings that can be expensive. We hope to educate and distribute ...

  • Reason For Rhythm

    Your gift will provide the equipment needed for emergency cardiac arrest assistance for students participating in athletic events.

Grant Writers

Food for Thought - Adding Grant Writers Helps Yolo County Secure Funds f...

Not all nonprofits, entrepreneurs or small businesses can afford a full-time grant writer to their staff, much less two like Yolo Food Bank.  This nonprofit will task both with conveying to potential donors how poverty and homelessness affect individual health and ... read more.

Staff WriterMay 22, 2018

MEOW is Time to Start Crowdfunding Campaign, Says Arizona's First Cat Ca...

The owner of La Gattara, Arizona’s first cat café, is turning again to crowdfunding, this time to raise money to comply with building codes.  The cat café is required to build a wall separtating the roaming felines in the lounge area f... read more.

Staff WriterMay 17, 2018
Green City Force

Urban Agriculture Grants Plant Seeds for Access to Healthy Foods, Educat...

Dozens of New Yorkers have joined the ranks of urban farmers, thanks to Green City Force, a nonprofit organization based in Bedford-Stuyvesant that creates a fertile ground for access to fresh, nutritious foods education and job training in New York City Housing Au... read more.

Staff WriterMay 15, 2018

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The Clean Slate Project Fund Collection

Mass incarceration has become an epidemic and we need to address this issue immediately before it gets worse. Everyone's donation will help fund the Big Brother & Big Sister Mentoring program that pro... read more

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