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Monday, June 18, 2018

Glad to Hear It! Crowdfunding Provides Answers for Mocked Army Veteran to Purchase Vehicle

A group of strangers established a crowdfunding campaign to rally support for a 75-year-old army veteran who was mocked after advertising his hearing aids on a Facebook sales page in order to fund the purchase of a wheel-chair accessible car or van that would take him to and from cancer treatments. ...

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  • ALovecam Broadcast LLC

    Please contribute to my Alovecam Broadcast. Shamanika Alove is the truth and there is definitely healing in truth and laughter.

  • Youth On The Move

    "Student's Achieving Success." Help us strengthen our children and youth's education as they work toward attainable academic and social emotional goal...

Rumi Spice

Back from Afghanistan, American Army Veterans Find Spice of Life in Smal...

After completing combat tours in war-torn Afghanistan, a couple of American army officers launched Rumi Spice, a Chicago-based small busibess that empowers rural Afghan farmers by working directly with them to import high-quality saffron to homes, stores and restau... read more.

Staff WriterJune 12, 2018

Power of Technology - Grants Bring Internet Connectivity Up to Speed in ...

For teachers at Congress Elementary School who are using technology in the classroom to instruct students in ways like never before, getting online is easier, thanks to a $1.8 million grant designed to bring Yavapai County internet broadband speeds up to standards. ... read more.

Staff WriterJune 11, 2018
Building Relationships to Write Grants

Building Relationships is Essential to Police Work and Grant Writing

Here's an instance where a local sheriff political candidate refers to his grant writing skills as a reason to be elected.  The ability to raise funds in every local agency is a valuable asset. The skill is three-fold: grant writing; building relation... read more.

Staff WriterJune 07, 2018

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ALovecam Broadcast LLC

Please contribute to my Alovecam Broadcast. Shamanika Alove is the truth and there is definitely healing in truth and laughter. read more

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