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Monday, March 18, 2019

7 Brand Strategy Secrets for Long Term Success for Nonprofits

What are the most important elements to consider to create the best branding strategy for nonprofits? Connect it to your purpose, mission and vision, think long term and build relationships. Here are seven components of successful brand strategies.  ...

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  • Eradicating Childhood Hunger!

    Please help! Thousands of children will go without food during the summer months when school is out. Together, we can help eradicate childhood hunger ...

  • Help Preserve And Tell Their Stories

    We are asking for $10,000 so our team can travel to Normandy, France for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, with plans of interviewing more WWII Veterans ...

Crowdfunding cycle

Why Crowdfunding Changes The Game When it Comes to Funding

Crowdfunding, an online version of community-fundraising allows for funds to be raised in a more time and cost-effective manner. This type of fundraising is also more accessible to organizations still at the beginning of their operations. read more.

Lianne Hikind March 14, 2019
Power word list for your grant proposals for grant writers

Do You Have a Power Word List To Use For Winning Grant Proposals

Words have the power to engage, inspire or compel people to support your cause. Use the strongest words possible in your grant proposal for the most impact and raise the percent of grants you're awarded. Create your own powerful word list. read more.

Staff writerMarch 14, 2019
Nonprofit Submitting a Grant Proposal to a Foundation or Government Grant.

Don't Get Locked-Out Of Foundations And Government Grants For Nonprofits...

GrantWatch publishes grants that are open to all nonprofit organizations that meet the funder's eligibility criteria. You don't have to weed through thousands of foundations to find out that they only accept solicited grants.  read more.

Staff WriterMarch 08, 2019

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Help Preserve And Tell Their Stories

We are asking for $10,000 so our team can travel to Normandy, France for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, with plans of interviewing more WWII Veterans (including veterans from foreign countries) than w... read more

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