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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

April 25th:Giving Day to Capitalize on Crowdfunding to Energize Donors and Spread the Word

Give a Little, Get a Lot. From Indiana to Virginia, from Yeshiva University to Purdue Northwest, nonprofits will use April 25 Giving Day to energize donors, generate revenue, launch crowdfunding campaigns, and raise money with a series of fundraising events within a 24-hour period and beyond. ...

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  • Who's Gonna Save Our Children

    With your help, I am committed to opening a safe, secure, and loving home for the homeless, abused, abandoned, neglected and runaway children. Help me...

  • Single Parents Say YES To Success

    We've come across so many single-parents who wanted to climb the ladder of success, but they had no one whom they could trust to look after their chil...

Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries

Federal Budget Bill Boosts Spending for Community Development Block Gran...

President Donald Trump last month signed a spending bill that will boost federal funding for Community Development Block Grants, which support an array of nonprofit programs nationwide, by 8 percent through September 2020. read more.

Staff WriterApril 23, 2018

Animal Welfare Grants Offer Domestic Violence Victims Shelter Options fo...

Animal welfare grants from the RedRover Safe Housing Program are offering victims of domestic violence peace of mind knowing that they can flee abusive environments and take their pets with them. read more.

Staff WriterApril 19, 2018
Ryan Callahan, Morgan Allen and family

Crowdfunding for Cancer Treatment: Fundraising Campaign Helps Family Go ...

After exhausting mainstream therapies, the family of eight-year-old Morgan Allen has turned to crowdfunding to help defray the cost of of brain cancer treatments for their daughter in Mexico as well as travel expenses from their home in Florida.   read more.

Staff WriterApril 18, 2018

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Dying For Peace And Normalcy

Please consider helping me. My asthma from this mold infested trailer is causing medical issues on top of my anxiety. Please help us at least get out of this place. With our rent at $900 a month, we d... read more

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