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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Domino's Pizza Grants Go Heavy on Asphalt To Repair U.S. Roadways, One Pothole At A Time

Domino’s, considered the world's largest pizza franchise, is offering grants to towns across the nation to help fill their “cracks, bumps and potholes” and make their roadways smoother to protect the pizza maker's carryout orders. ...

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    In order for one SO member to go on this trip, they will need to pay a little over $4,000; SO has a total of 80 students in its program, leaving the t...

  • Bee's Needs

    I need contributions to get needed medical items in order to sustain a healthy life. The quicker your response, the better. I appreciate all that you ...

Grant Writer for Animal Shelters

Grant Writer Thankful for Career Opportunity to Put in Good Word for Ani...

A former goldsmith with a heart of gold for animals has forged a new career as a grant writer at the Humane Society of Sonoma County, where she crafts proposals to bring much-needed funds to the nonprofit shelter as well as descriptive content that will hopefully s... read more.

Staff WriterJuly 16, 2018
Team Dylan Money for Infant Brothers Medical Treatment

Crowdfunding Helps 9-Year-Old Boy Turn Lemons into Lemonade for Sick Inf...

After opening a lemonade stand, a 9-year-old boy in South Carolina, has raised some $6,000 to aid his sick infant brother, thanks, in part, to a crowdfunding campaign that was launched to compliment his entrepreneurial efforts. read more.

Staff WriterJuly 15, 2018
YouHelp Powered by GrantWatch

YouHelp Partners With WePay to Make Raising Money Easier for NonProfits,..., the free crowdfunding website, announced a new partnership with WePay designed to streamline payment processing procedures and make fundraising easier for nonprofits, small businesses and individuals with worthy causes. read more.

Staff WriterJuly 13, 2018

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Relaunch Of Alabama IPL

Alabama Interfaith Power and Light is the moral hopeful voice for the state of Alabama. As we are relaunching this much needed state chapter we need your help. Your donations will go toward administra... read more

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