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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Paying It Forward, Changing Attitudes and Mindsets Towards People with Special Needs

How do you end stigmatization that's been ingrained in people's psyches for as long as time? The Rachael K Foundation is working to bring aid and information to special needs children and their families in Africa and the USA. ...

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  • - Leave No Victim Behind -

    As much as the Victims of Toxicity need help, We need donations. This Foundation is the cornerstone of our projects. We are raising funds to get start...

  • Helping Navigate The Medical Madhouse

    Please donate what you think having a someone to help interpret medical terminology and information doctor’s appointments, would be worth to a seni...

Beyond Meat and Grants for Vegan, Vegetarian Organic Options

Beyond Meat Brings Organic Farming, Vegetarian and Vegan, Plant-based Fo...

The words milk and meat are defined very differently today. More and more plant-based substitutes for animal proteins appear on supermarket shelves each week. New vegetarian and vegan options are coming to market as demand for them increases. Restaurants and s... read more.

Jake TewelAugust 08, 2019
Dave's Killer Bread and Reentry Grant Programs

What Does Bread, Second Chance, Reentry and Dave's Killer All Have In Co...

Your food comes from the supermarket to your table - and sometimes we stop and read the labels. Read how one label sparks a conversation and an awareness of people and their struggles to find work and success. read more.

Jake TewelAugust 07, 2019
International Grants for Businesses and Nonprofits

Where to Find Grants for International Economic Development

Competition for grants for businesses and nonprofits is steep. Perhaps it's even higher in Africa than in other areas of the world where the need for financial assistance for economic development is extreme. read more.

Staff writerAugust 06, 2019

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- Leave No Victim Behind -

As much as the Victims of Toxicity need help, We need donations. This Foundation is the cornerstone of our projects. We are raising funds to get started and there's a long road ahead. R&D for safe, ef... read more

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