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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

As Coal Industry Tries to Rebound, Grants Help Appalachia Diversify Economies and Displaced Miners Find Jobs

For Appalachian communities struggling from the coal industry’s downturn, grants provides funds to strengthen and diversify regional economies and help displaced miners transition to new jobs with workforce development grants. ...

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  • Help Us Tell Our Stories

    Every year, Rhode Island Black Storytellers (RIBS) reaches hundreds of children around Rhode Island through their annual storytelling festival, Funda ...

  • Fight Senior Hunger Food Delivery Truck

    MADF is asking for help to raise $10,000 to purchase a delivery truck which will support food deliveries to seniors and disabled people in subsidized ...

Unfunded grants

What Do Nonprofits Do With An Unfunded Grant Proposal?

You have applied for a grant and it was rejected! Your first instinct may be to trash it. Throwing it in the garbage can would be a huge mistake. Your organization still needs the funds and after waiting three or four months for the funding source to get back to you, th... read more.

Lianne HikindSeptember 17, 2018
Partnership With Native Americans

Grant Supports Emergency Preparedness in Indian Country

September is National Preparedness Month and Partnership With Native Americans recently earned a $700,000 grant to support emergency preparedness efforts in Indian Country. read more.

Rafael Tapia Jr. September 07, 2018

As Ocean Waters Warm, Maine Agency Offers Grants to Boost Lobster Conser...

Grants totaling $340,000 from the state's Lobster Research, Education and Development Fund will enable researchers to get a better handle on efforts aimed at conserving Maine's most vital natural resource. read more.

Staff WriterSeptember 06, 2018

Top Videos

Let's Rebuild 100 Homes In Puerto Rico

Thousands of families woke up one morning having lost everything. But they are resilient, they do not give up and they fight every day to have a safe roof over there heads. Can you imagine what is t... read more

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