time management

Time management, productivity and efficiency are vital aspects to building and maintaining a successful charity or business venture. Accounting and administrative work are essential but they do hinder time management.

Get started with these 5 simple, yet highly effective time management tactics. 


  1. Make a list of what needs to be done. Write everything, only as it pertains to a single day. You can make a longer list for the week and the month, but start with a list that pertains to the day’s tasks. Do you have inventory that needs to be logged? Are quotes or purchase orders waiting for you? Write down all tasks that require your attention. 
  2. Sub categorize your list in terms of urgency. Many people become overwhelmed when presented with a long list of goals. Categorizing them in terms of what needs to be done first will allow all immediate tasks to be accomplished at once, while also cutting down on the stress from trying to chose which tasks to tackle. Prioritize time sensitive tasks to tackle first. If employees are waiting on payroll or you have prospects waiting on a quote for your services, these should be at the top of your list. 
  3. Determine how much of your time will be required to complete each task. Some tasks may be easily accomplished, while others require more time and effort. Now that you have already determined what tasks are urgent, approximate how long tasks will take to be completed. With these metrics in mind, utilize one of two strategies. 1) Accomplish tasks which require more time first, because then it will be much simpler to get everything else done or 2) Accomplish tasks that require less time first therefore allowing harder tasks to be tackled with more time left over. When you're tackling something new, be sure to log how much time the task is taking to complete. This will help you to better manage your time in the future. To stay motivated, add an additional task to your list that would help to secure the future your business. Set yourself a goal of compiling smart lists to make informed decisions, drive more business and most effectively communicate with your network. 

    Managers, board members, trustees and taxpayers need a clear ongoing presentation of the financial condition of their charity or business. Having a real-time view of your cash flow is the only way to secure long-term profitability, cause impact and audience engagement for your nonprofit, small business or startup.  

    The most successful nonprofit and small business industry leaders don't try to do it alone, they use custom apps and platforms, like Xero and WorkFlowMAX, designed to remotely manage accounting, payroll, inventory expenses and more. With the ability to manage your business on the go, cloud based software gives business owners the ability to focus on projects and better manage their time. 

  4. Give each project a time limit. This is important it helps with cutting down procrastination time. This is perhaps the most important, because it forces you to only focus on the task at hand without allowing for distractions. As an extra precaution against procrastination, use a timer that makes a loud sound to remind you of when your time has lapsed. This will help keep you to maintain efficiency and strengthen productivity. 
  5. Mandate breaks for yourself before tackling your task list.Your mental and physical health is the most important ingredient to obtaining optimal productivity. Give yourself time to break away from your desk or computer screen. Now that you have an informed estimation of how long each task will take to complete, it will be easy to schedule time for necessary breaks in between projects. Use this time to take a walk around, clear your head, drink water, have a healthy meal or even break away for a class or session at the gym.

Xero is the online accounting choice for modern nonprofits because it’s easy to use. Based in the cloud, Xero enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of your nonprofit anytime, anywhere. And sharing critical donation and expense data with key stakeholders is a snap. Best of all, Xero makes it easy to get up and running – or switch from cumbersome, outdated accounting systems – so your nonprofit can better deliver on its mission.

Above all, try not to stress. Simply follow these tips and you will accomplish your tasks in no time.

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