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Saturday, July 20, 2019
Grants to Minnesota Nonprofits, Businesses, Agencies, and In... Deadline: 2019-09-13               Grants to Erie County, Pennsylvania Nonprofits to Address U... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to USA and Canada Nonprofits in Eligible Areas for Pr... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Health-Rel... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Idaho Nonprofits, Educational Institutions, and Ag... Deadline: 2019-11-01               Grants to Grays Harbor County, Washington Organizations and ... Deadline: 2019-11-01               Grants to Kansas Counties to Remodel Infrastructure for New... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Colorado Nonprofits and Agencies for Youth Devel... Deadline: 2019-10-15               Grants to Bucks County, Pennsylvania Nonprofits for Unexpe... Deadline: Ongoing               In-Kind Support to USA Military and Nonprofit Organizations ... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Nonprofits for... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Fayette County, Pennsylvania Nonprofits and Agen... Deadline: 2019-09-01               Grants to Mississippi Nonprofits and Municipalities for Bea... Deadline: Ongoing               In-Kind Grants of Equipment to Northwestern Oregon and Sou... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Kent County, Delaware Municipalities to Promote L... Deadline: Ongoing               Awards to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC Top Execut... Deadline: 2019-09-06               Grants to Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania and Delawa... Deadline: 2019-10-15               Grants to North Dakota Small Businesses to Increase Foreig... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Utah Nonprofits to Benefit Residents in the Salt... Deadline: 2019-09-15               Grants to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC Nonprofits ... Deadline: 2020-02-01               Grants to Pennsylvania Nonprofits to Enhance the Quality o... Deadline: 2019-09-15               Grants to Utah Nonprofits, Companies, and Individuals for ... Deadline: 2019-08-15               Grants to Minnesota Organizations for Research Studies on ... Deadline: 2019-09-13               Grants to Maine Nonprofit Theaters for Program, Capital, O... Deadline: 2019-09-15               Grants to North Dakota Individuals with Developmental Disa... Deadline: Ongoing              
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Are You Dizzy, Yet? The Circles of Crowdfunding Explained by UHelp

Are you dizzy, yet?  Does your crowdfunding project have you going in circles? has 30 days of free crowdfunding support and a success model that works for both personal and organizational crowdfunding projects!!!

Staff WriterJune 21, 2017

UHelp Poised To Help West Virginia

Roane County, West Virginia, has been hit by flash floods that destroyed nearly 1,200 homes and taken 23 lives. Raise money for victims on

Staff WriterJune 21, 2017
UHelp: Maximize social media

The Third Circle of Crowdfunding Success

Now that you've completed the first and second circles of success, welcome to the third circle of success: the public at large. Maximize the third circle by utilizing all the functions of social media platforms and sending out press releases. Staff WriterJune 21, 2017

UHelp Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked: How do I start a crowdfunding campaign? How do I promote it? We are here to answer your questions. Starting a campaign is easy enough but promoting it is heavy lifting. Contact us at (888) 240-1494.

Staff WriterJune 21, 2017
UHelp: Maximize social media

The Hashtag

Some of you may be unfamiliar with the hashtag. It is a great way to index your posts and tweets and gives you more outreach. This is important if you have started a crowdfunding campaign that you need to share. Staff WriterJune 21, 2017
mwbezone crowdfunding all stars

Is there a Recipe for Success in Business Crowdfunding?

What is indispensable in small business invention and innovation crowdfunding? takes a look into historically successful business crowdfunding campaigns and a few things they have in common. 

Martha Greenlee May 16, 2017 Free publicity for nonprofits and small businesses

So You Want FREE Publicity?

Whether you're a nonprofit, crowdfunder, or small business, wants to publish your story. Tell us about how you started, how you fund yourself, or if you require funding through crowdfunding. Just sign up as a writer and pitch... Staff WriterSeptember 18, 2016 Grants for small businesses

Six Ideas to Grow Your Nonprofit or Small Business

Follow these 6 steps and you will be well on your way to funding success. GrantWatch, MWBEzone, GrantWriterTeam, UHelp and GrantNews offer platforms for funding and free promotion.

MWBEzone Staff WriterAugust 26, 2016
Crowdfunding to Raise Money Around the World |

The Second Circle of Success

Take your crowdfunding project to the next level! Network with your community to build more traction before you bring your project to the Universe! Here's a brief guide to optimizing your community in order to build your successful crowdfunding p...

Nick ManzinoJune 20, 2016 | Crowdfunding for Orlando, FL

Libby Hikind and Uhelpfund Reach Out to Victims of Orlando Terrorist Attack

In an act of solidarity with the Orlando community, Libby Hikind, CEO and founder of Uhelpfund offers her services to nonprofit organizations wishing to raise money for the victims and their families suffering from the horrendous terro...

Nick ManzinoJune 15, 2016

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