The GREAT GIVE – Fundraising Your Nonprofit

The counties of Martin and Palm Beach are hosting a 24-hour event from May 3 to May 4 (midnight to midnight), open to the public, known as the Great Give. All registered nonprofits in these counties that are IRS and Patriot Act compliant are eligible to become a part of this amazing event. The minimum donation accepted per donor is $20. This donation is compounded by an additional percentage of the bonus pool that is raised by the Palm Beach Community Foundation.

Bradley Hurlburt, Founder and CEO of the Palm Beach Community Foundation (PBCF), announced,

“This is a way that we can serve the entire nonprofit community, with more than 500 nonprofits participating. The bonus pool, based on the total amount raised, is over $330,000 so far.”

Marketing and Communications Manager of PBCF, Corrie Edwards, further discusses the Great Give,

“This is the 3rd year we’ve hosted the Great Give. We have 504 nonprofits this year, the most we’ve ever had. This is a huge campaign, and it’s a lot of work. We ranked 7th last year as a local community, [raising over $3 million], so we’re very excited this year,”

says Corrie Edwards, Marketing and Communications Manager.

Last year’s event raised more than millions of dollars for local nonprofits in Palm Beach and Martin County. All of this financial support was raised in 24 hours from individual donors like you! Imagine how much support nonprofits could receive if they fundraised all year. In fact, fundraising should be a full-time operation in each and every organization.

Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits

Applying for grants can be difficult; why not make finding them easy? At, you can search thousands of grants by any number of criteria, such as funding source, geographic focus, and specific interest. Hundreds of grants are added each week, to provide as many new funding opportunities for as many applicants as possible. With over 50 categories to choose from, provides your nonprofit with the fundraising resources to support your campaign. Here are some examples of grants for local Florida nonprofits available at now:

Florida Grants Available Now

Grants to Florida Parks and Nature Centers to Plant Native Wildflower Gardens or Meadows

Deadline: 05/31/16

Award to a Florida Teacher of the Gifted for Developing Creative Teaching Environments

Deadline: 06/30/16

Grants to Northwest Florida Nonprofits to Promote Community Health and Wellness Programs

Deadline: 06/30/16

Synergize Your Grants with Crowdfunding

Grants may require a lot of time and energy in order to successfully complete. Not to mention, you are limited to specific funding sources when you apply for grants. Another great way to fund your campaign is crowdfunding on Uhelpfund. On Uhelpfund, you can tell your story and showcase your cause to all of your followers. Creating a campaign is simple! Connect to all of your supporters through our featured articles on, post photos and videos on social media, and accept online contributions using a Stripe account.

Additional Tools | Tools and Resources for NonprofitsCheck out The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution: Real-Time Strategic Planning in a Rapid-Response World, by David La Piana, to learn how to adapt your organization to the ever-changing demands of today’s fast-paced world.  Find out how to develop fluid strategies that give you the upper hand against traditional structures of business. La Piana teaches you how to assess the goals of your nonprofit and tailor them to new technology and circumstances immediately.

More Resources for Your Nonprofit

Make fundraising a full-time priority for your organization. Go straight to the fundraising sources at, and apply to hundreds of new grants posted each week. Combine your grant writing efforts with crowdfunding campaigns at Uhelpfund. This style of fundraising allows you to reach new supporters through social media and online platforms! Synergize your local project with global tools at Uhelpfund! For more information, call our team of nonprofit experts at 888-240-1494 today!

About the Author: Uhelpfund Staff Writer with contributions from Bradley Hurlburt and Corrie Edwards of PBCF. A crowdfunding mentor can be reached at 888-240-1494 to assist with your crowdfunding campaign on Uhelpfund.


The Empty Chair Program | A Peaceful Solution to Terrorism

The Empty Chair Program

Imagine you are gathered for the holidays but because of terrorism, there is an empty chair at your family table. For families, this can be devastating. It can re-hash all the memories of the loss and make the holidays a difficult time. The Empty Chair Program of the Navah Organization hosts the Seder for families of victims of terror. This provides comfort and hope and gives the families a sense of community. 

Husband and wife, Yitzchok and Tehilla Friedman began the Navah Organization 13 years ago. Most nonprofits begin when individuals begin working to address an unmet social need. According to Tehilla Friedman, "Our idea began as an act of kindness. We had to learn the hard way how to run an organization." She admitted, "We began successfully fundraising, but, after the Crash of 2008, we faced a crisis in funding."

Tehilla and Chavi

The Empty Chair Program credits Chavi Ehrenfeld, from Navah with the original idea for the community Pesach Seder for these families.  The program is now one of the many Navah programs to help families of victims of terror.  

Tehilla Friedman, herself witnessed a terrorist attacks as a young child. This experience gave her the motivation to begin philanthropic initiatives. 

Tehilla Friedman explained,

"We are an organization that supports people that have gone through terrorist attacks, working in a terrorized country."

Beginning Their Campaign

Starting a campaign with a nonprofit can be both challenging and rewarding.  While it begins as an ideal mission, nonprofits can always be improved upon. As you further develop your nonprofit goals, funding, and projects, your mission statement will also evolve. 

A great example of this adaptive nonprofit strategy is the Empty Chair Program of the Navah organization, a nonprofit that brings solidarity to the families of terror attack survivors. In Israel, it brings them together for the holidays. According to Yitzchok:

"People come in very confused. A lot of anger, pain, hurt. It's hard for them: the missing chair."

To learn about the Empty Chair Program, funded by the Navah organization, watch the following video:

Tips for Aspiring Nonprofits

When asked what challenges they faced when beginning their campaign, Tehilla and Yitzchok highlighted the following points:

  • New media presented challenges. We grew up without social media, so the transition was difficult. If you're not there, you're nowhere.
  • Fundraising and applying for grants was an important skill to learn. It helped us learn how to illustrate our programs – to put what we do into words.
  • Grants grow the organization, they are essential.

What to do

Pay close attention to the needs of others within your social cause, and make sure your organization can sustainably meet those needs.  Research new and existing options to fund your nonprofit. As your nonprofit grows, adapt to these practical guidelines, and you will get the results your organization needs to continue making an impact in the world!

How to Contribute to the Empty Chair Program

Visit the Empty Chair Program's profile to contribute to the Navah organization.

Or, send donations to the following address:

Navah  Organization

616 Corporate Way

Valley Cottage, NY 10989   

US phone: 718-689-1493
Israel phone: 972526065938 *this is an international number 


Check out the following video where co-founder of Navah, Yitzchok Friedman talks about the Passover Seder for these families:

How to Locate Grants 

If you're a nonprofit looking for grants, check out where you can search from thousands of grants. Particularly, pay close attention to the categories listed to the right of the home page, under the chat box.

If you're interested in beginning a program for an unmet need like Yitz, Tehilla and Chavi you will need funding.  Visit Israel or International GrantWatch pages or choose from more than 50 grant categories:

Consider starting a crowdfunding project and choose from more than 100 categories:

If you have any questions, please contact our grant specialists at (561) 249-4129. 

About the Author: This article was written by a GrantNews.Press staff writer with contributions from Yitzchok and Tehilla Friedman of the Navah Organization. They can be reached in Israel at 972526065938 or