Remembering 9/11

Everyone seems to remember exactly where they were on September 11, 2001. I remember being where I wasn’t supposed to be, which was school. I was seven years old, on the verge of turning eight, and, for some reason, I didn’t want to go to school that day, which meant my father, who happened to work in Manhattan in a building next door to the towers, didn’t go to work. I don’t remember everything about that day, but I do remember watching the towers fall on television.

I remember not knowing what it meant. As a child, it’s hard to understand what a terrorist attack is—hard to understand a day that I would, many years later, realize changed the United States forever. When I was in college, over a decade later, we watched a film depicting the response to the attack, the panic to evacuate and the ever-day Americans that rushed to save lives.

Looking back on that day, I can’t even imagine the devastation felt by the families of those lost in that horrendous terrorist attack. I cannot imagine the smoke inhaled by those on Manhattan island or the bravery of the first responders, who jumped on their boats and helped evacuate the island. The eleventh of September is a day of great tragedy, but also of great bravery, as well as true American strength. As we remember the horror that took down the twin towers and terrorists who sought only death and destruction, we must also remember those who rushed to preserve life, the victims and survivors of the attacks and the later rebuilding that took place.

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5 Advantages of Guest Blogging

Do you want your story to reach an extended audience of grantors, foundations, executives and industry leaders? encourages you, a nonprofit or small-business leader, to write the story that illustrates how your replicable program came to life (funding and all) and serves the greater good.

What are the advantages of guest blogging?  

1.    Enhance your grant application status.

Once your article is published on, you can cite the publication in your grant applications to demonstrate that your organization and/or project has been recognized by a newspaper.

2.    Share your successful, replicable idea with other organizations.

Support your fellow nonprofits and/or small businesses by allowing them to replicate your model program that attracts donations and contributors. “Charities and non-profits can extract important information from these findings that will help them serve their communities,” Dr. Cornwell says (Project Researcher, Artist).

3.    Share the successes and efforts of your organization to retain current donors and attract potential donors.

Thank your funding source and individual contributors in a way that will encourage repetitive contributions and encourage new ones. Include quotes from your donors to communicate to others how their funding was the key to accomplishing your goals.

4.    Use videos and photographs to inspire contributions.

The use of short videos or images may also inspire additional contributions and the replication of your program model. Visuals show current donors the power of their contributions, giving them the confidence and pride to continue their support, and inspire potential donors with the impact they could have. 

5.    Show off the face of your nonprofit to build a stronger bond with your community and raise more funds.

Personal impact has more influence on donating than ever before. Include yourself and the organization’s leader in your article and visuals. Contributors, volunteers, readers, supporters and potential future members of your nonprofit want to connect a face to your organization.

“Consumers are more likely to favor brands that incorporate faces into their visuals,” according to a recent study led by researchers from the University of Oregon and published online in the European Journal of Social Psychology.

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What’s on your Labor Day Weekend Short List?

It’s finally September! And with September comes that famous, three-day weekend cherished by US workers across the nation: Labor Day Weekend.

While you’re lighting your grills, pitching your tents, enjoying your day off and ringing in the unofficial end of summer, GrantWatch doesn’t want you to forget what you’re celebrating.

This federal holiday is dedicated to US workers’ achievements and contributions to our great nation. You have contributed to society more than you think! Enjoy your holiday; you earned it. Spend your Monday off – relaxing and counting your blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Just in case you can’t quite figure out where to spend your holiday, Libby decided to give us her short wish list for Sunday and Monday. "Since I am not really in the mood for travel, I plan to relax and enjoy as best I can with my heart aching for Texas (and the surrounding areas)."

  1. The beach or a park or pool
  2. An outdoor concert
  3. The movies
  4. Visiting with my mom
  5. The mall
  6. Weeding through my closets to identify clothing to send to Hurricane Harvey shelters

And Praying that Hurricane Irma weakens and ends in the Atlantic Ocean.

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