2018 Chalk-Lit Festival: Murals, Music and More!

The 2018 Chalk-Lit Festival is a free, family friendly event. It is just one example of engaging a community with nonprofits, small businesses and public-service agencies.

Hosted by Broward Cultural Division and Broward Main Library, Ft. Lauderdale’s 2018 Chalk-Lit Festival will take place with a literary theme, as part of the National Endowment for the Arts’ Big Read Community Reading Program.

The community is sure to come out for the food trucks, jamming live music, on-site murals, face painting, hands-on crafting and more! This artistic festival will provide laughter, pleasure and fun for the whole family, while introducing the community to local nonprofits, businesses and public-service agencies.

A community event can be the debut or launch of a community cause or fundraiser. Chalk festivals are easily adaptable to bring people out for community engagement. Add a UHelp.com fundraising page to spread the word and collect donations.

These art-infused festivities can be easily replicated in any town or city throughout the United States, with or without grant funding. With grant money, such events can be themed to capture the foundation’s vision that coincides with the focus of your nonprofit or a consortium of nonprofits.

Remember, these community events can come with a hefty price tag, but they can also serve as fundraisers for a cause. While the 2018 Chalk-Lit Festival is free to the public through grant funding, your activities may require purchased tickets or a strong encouragement for donations.

First, know your community – your audience: consider what special interests are shared by the individuals to whom you are trying to attract. Would a pop-up art gallery attract your community, or would a rock concert present the more desired result? Simply research your ideal market and create an event suitable to corresponding interests.

Create a community event: Attract your audience, engage the community and promote the mission and vision of the sponsoring organizations.

If you have some community-interaction ideas to share with your fellow business owners and nonprofit directors, pitch an article for publication on GrantNews.press, the premier newspaper for nonprofit and business leaders.

About the Author: Kayli Tomasheski is the Copy Editor for GrantNews.press.



I Know #WhyIWrite – Why Do You?

GrantNews.press is always trying to foster creativity. Writing is a great outlet for drafting bright ideas and for sharing valuable information and, sometimes, it's just a great way to start a conversation or open an insightful debate.

There's a hashtag floating around trying to answer #WhyIWrite. Today is National Day on Writing, originally started by the National Council of Teachers "on the premise that writing is critical to literacy, but needs greater attention and celebration."

On a personal note, this holiday makes me proud to be a writer. In regards to the question itself, I write because I love writing, especially when I can help professionals enhance productivity and organization. I write because I took a creative writing class in college that changed my life. Finally, I write because writing lets us share just a tiny bit of ourselves with the world.

So, we want to know! Why do you write? 

Grants to Improve and Promote Literacy on GrantWatch.com

In-Kind Grants of Books to USA Nonprofits that Serve Low-Income or Underserved Children

In-kind grants of books to USA nonprofit organizations that assist underserved or low-income children. This program is intended to provide books to organizations in need of a small library, or that need to add to or rebuild a library. 

Deadline: Ongoing

Residencies for USA, Canada, and International Individuals in the Journalism, Nonfiction, and Documentary Fields

Residencies for USA, Canada, and International documentarians, journalists, and nonfiction writers working at the professional level about important issues.

Deadline: 05/31/18

Awards to USA Public Libraries and Schools for Outstanding Community Programs that Encourage Reading

Awards of up to $10,000 and in-kind donations of books to USA public libraries and schools to recognize outstanding work in implementing creative community-based programs. 

Deadline: 04/15/18

Grants to USA Nonprofits for Economic Literacy Projects for Youth and the General Public

Grants starting at $3,500 to USA nonprofit organizations for projects that will raise national awareness of the need for economic education.

Deadline: 02/15/18

Awards to USA Individuals to Recognize Emerging Talent in Writing and Illustrating Children's Books

Awards with an honorarium of $1,000 to a USA author and an illustrator to encourage and recognize emerging talent in the creation of children’s books. 

Deadline: 12/15/17

About the Author: Lianne Hikind is a staff writer for GrantNews.press.


Storms Prompt New Hires from SBA

In the last month, our nation has experienced multiple 500-year storms: Harvey, Irma and Maria. While the rising waters and ceaseless winds destroyed many small businesses, leaving doors closed and individuals without jobs, the demand for building trades has made contractors the most sought-after workers. 

Recovery efforts have prompted the need for new hires to fill jobs from the Small Business Administration.

 “The Small Business Administration is hiring temporary employees to assist with disaster relief efforts this hurricane season from September 1st to December 31st, 2017” (U.S. Small Business Administration).

While these temporary positions cannot compensate for the severe loss of work, they provide an opportunity to accelerate the rebuilding process and a chance for others to contribute necessary skills and experience during the recovery period.

You can find the following job listings and corresponding application details on www.sba.gov.

  • Administrative Support Assistants
  • Attorneys
  • Business and Home Loan Officers
  • Construction Analysts (Loss Verifiers)
  • Cost & Damage Estimation/Damage Verification/Flood Zone Mapping
  • Credit Analysis/Loan Processing/Mortgage Underwriting
  • Document Preparation/Legal Review/Loan Closings
  • Information Technology Specialists (Customer Support)
  • Loan Processing Assistance/Clerical/Data Entry/Document Scanning

During this critical stage of restoration, it’s time to consider the effectiveness of current disaster-prevention procedures. GrantWatch offers a disaster-relief database of funding opportunities to implement adequate, updated prevention tactics and systems.

While repairing the damages, consider how this destruction can be avoided in the future. Find suitable grants and other funding opportunities to ensure such damages will not reoccur. Prepare for what lies beyond the horizon with GrantWatch.com.

About the Author: Kayli Tomasheski is the Copy Editor for GrantNews.press.