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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Grants to Middle Tennessee Nonprofits to Improve the Lives... Deadline: 2019-06-28               Grants to Metrowest Region, Massachusetts Nonprofits for P... Deadline: 2019-04-11               Fundraising and Publicity Opportunity for USA Nonprofits t... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Little Rock, Arkansas Nonprofits for Neighborhoo... Deadline: 2019-04-19               Grants to USA, Mexico, and Haiti Nonprofits, Agencies, and ... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to USA Nonprofits for Architecture, Education, Arts... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Wayne County, Nebraska Organizations and For-Pro... Deadline: 2019-03-31               Awards to USA K-12 Teachers for Excellence in American His... Deadline: 2019-03-31               Grants to USA and Israel Nonprofits for Urban Affairs, Jew... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to USA, Canada, and International Companies to Prod... Deadline: Ongoing               Awards to USA Organizations, Programs, and Individuals for... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to USA Nonprofits, Tribes, and Agencies to Strength... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants and In-Kind Services to USA Nonprofits for Programs... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to USA and Canada Nonprofits in Multiple States for... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Virginia Cities, Counties, and Towns to Upgrade F... Deadline: 2019-05-24               Grants to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits and Ag... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Phelps County, Nebraska Nonprofits for Education... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to USA Active or Injured Military Service Members and... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Monmouth County, New Jersey Nonprofits and Commu... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Florida K-12 Teachers for Arts and Culture Program... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to USA Individuals and Their Families for Effective ... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to USA Disabled Children and Youth for Mobility Equi... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants and Support to USA, Canada, and UK Jewish Individua... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to North Carolina Teachers in Eligible Areas for Sc... Deadline: 2019-03-31               Grants to USA Nonprofits for Education and Training, Enviro... Deadline: Ongoing              

Grant Writing

Happy Grant Writing Clients

How To Keep Your Grant Writing Clients Happy

Grant Writers - Why spend time searching for new grant writing clients when you could use that time for writing grants?  You alone have the power to keep your grant writing clients happy. We at GrantWriterTeam encourage long-term ...

Libby HikindJanuary 17, 2019
How to Apply for Grants and Write Effective Grant Proposals

How to Apply for Grants and Write Effective Grant Proposals

Getting funding for your project can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. Here are some tips to learn the ropes and start applying for grants and writing effective grant proposals.

Staff writerDecember 05, 2018
Grant Writing

Architect or a Gardener? What’s Your Writing Style?

Do you create a blueprint and then follow it or do you just plant seeds.  Grant writers need a healthy mix of both architect and gardener.  Too much planning and your writing could end up stilted and mechanical. Too much gard...

Staff WriterNovember 30, 2018
Applying for Grants and Develop Relationships with Grantors and Funding Sources

Build Lasting Relationships With Grantors and Funding Will Follow

Building and maintaining relationships with funders is an often overlooked, but most important aspect of grant writing. The article, People First, Paper Second! provides tips to finding and building relationships with funders.

Staff writerOctober 25, 2018
Rural Mission

On Johns Island, Grant Writers Could Help Rural Mission Keep Doors Open

A grant writer, even on a part-time basis, could provide Rural Mission with a fundraising resource to overcome a reduction in federal funds and help the half-century-old nonprofit keep doors open on Johns Island near Charleston. 

Staff WriterOctober 14, 2018
grant writers

Expanding Internet Access To Rural Areas Means Local Governments Connecting To Grant Writers

Although the position is not in the budget, government officials in Skagit County believe hiring a full-time grant writer will pay for itself by identifying and securing funds to improve internet access in rural areas and broadening the sco...

Staff WriterAugust 22, 2018
New Philadelphia Fire Department

For Grant Writers At Municipalities, Identifying Foundation Funds Can Help Close Budget Gaps

Foundations are valuable funding sources for municipalities including New Philadelphia, which will apply a grant toward the purchase of the new thermal imaging cameras for the fire department..

Staff WriterJuly 24, 2018
Grant Writer for Animal Shelters

Grant Writer Thankful for Career Opportunity to Put in Good Word for Animal Shelter

A former goldsmith with a heart of gold for animals has forged a new career as a grant writer at the Humane Society of Sonoma County, where she crafts proposals to bring much-needed funds to the nonprofit shelter as well as descriptive content t...

Staff WriterJuly 16, 2018
 Develop a Plan to Find the Money Before You Start the Grant Proposal Process

Nonprofits Urged To Define Their Fundraising Needs Before Searching for Grants

What programs are you proposing to fund?  Seeking only operational costs in fundraising is generally a waste of time.  People like to fund a program not an administration. Develop a plan to find the money you need to bring your proposed pro...

Staff WriterJuly 12, 2018
Hire a Grant Writer

If I Only Had The Time, I Could Write The Grant Myself

When you don't have the time or staff to write grant proposals, the professional grant writers at GrantWriterTeam will put your ideas into words that jump off the page.  These grant writers are skilled in matching nonprof...

Libby HikindJune 29, 2018

Grant Writing Jobs

Grant Writer Needed for Museum Project ID: 11302018A
Grant Writer for Small Business Project ID: 08042018A.1

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