Helps Amutot and Other Non-Profits Find Grants: New Website is a Valuable Resource for Organizations Seeking Funding

An important question being asked today is, “How can all of Israel’s worthy causes properly operate without the absolutely necessary grant funding that they need in order to maintain their organizations?” With the launching of, President and founder Libby Hikind has made it significantly easier for Israeli and Israel-related non-profits to find grants in support of their causes. provides Amutot with a searchable, subscription-based website detailing newly found grants addressing many important issues in a variety of categories.

Despite current worldwide economic difficulties, most non-profit organizations have been able to maintain their programs, relying on the philanthropic largess of a plethora of sources. Millions of dollars are specifically set aside every year to help combat diseases, provide health and human services, address environmental issues, and provide funding for cutting-edge research and technology.

“Thankfully, the money is out there,” Hikind says. However, if it were simple to locate these grants, everyone would. That’s why is a valuable resource, helping to match Granters with Grantees. Whether funding is being sought by Israeli organizations, Jewish organizations worldwide, or simply Jewish individuals both in and out of Israel, can help make the match.

Israel Grantwatch home makes it very easy for Israeli non-profits to seek out new sources of funding. Amutot no longer have to search many different sites nor decipher numerous requests for proposals to find suitable funding opportunities;’s staff has already done that for them. Organizations can register to receive free weekly emails listing available grants as well as peruse the website. Non-subscribers are provided with a short preview of the grant and deadline information; subscribers have access to full eligibility details and a summary of the grant’s guidelines. Non-profits can get fresh, new content daily by adding an RSS feed or by posting a link to on their websites.

Amutot and other grant seekers who have located grants can go to and request an experienced grant writer to help them apply for the monies they need and deserve. Professional grant writers complete their writer profile on and bid on a multiple of grant writing projects.

Request a grantwriterWith the launching of this new Internet channel for the Israeli non-profit community, Hikind and her highly qualified staff of researchers brought to the Israeli non-profit sector the same quality subscription-based website that she founded several years ago for their U.S. counterparts, Initially launched to assist New York City non-profits, quickly became an important resource and now serves the entire USA, with a separate website for each state. With, when non-profits subscribe to one GrantWatch website, they gain access to all. has made finding grants simple for everyone including the high school graduate who, prior to attending university, would like to visit Israel, but finds the cost too burdensome; the Israeli university graduate looking to continue his/her research abroad; the Israeli NGO seeking funding for an upcoming ground-breaking event; and the non-profits that serve elderly couples who can’t make ends meet. is an invaluable resource for amutot, enabling them to find necessary grants to support Israel’s numerous worthy causes.