Love Doesn’t Stop at the Borders

Have you ever had that feeling that something was missing from your life? Or, do you have a little extra time on your hands each day, and you don’t know what to do with it?  Maybe you are like me and think ‘If only my spare room had a purpose.’ If any of these statements ring true for you, then I think you need an exchange student, or two!

I feel like a career host mom who can’t turn away a student in need of a home.  I am currently hosting two students, Anri from Japan and Vivian from Germany. They couldn’t’t be more different from each other and from my own kids, but we live in perfect harmony.  And for that, I am thankful, especially for their parents.  Every day I think about calling Anri’s parents to thank them for raising someone so respectful, helpful and happy, but unfortunately, I don’t speak Japanese.  Vivian is independent, free, and fun.  Her mother has done an excellent job instilling confidence in her and teaching her the importance of building and maintaining good relationships.

However, what I really want to share is this: These students are helping me just as much as I am helping them.  I’ve got a car full of kids singing, laughing, sleeping, snap chatting, and speaking with enthusiasm about their day.  I’ve got a house full of athletes (which I love) who put in 100% effort at practices and games while managing homework and good grades.  My daughter has what she’s always wanted, a sister – make that a sorority! I get to be their forever host mom and hopefully leave them with a positive experience of what it’s like to be a mom in America who has a career, opens her home to others, and has fun.

I have four kids. I spend more on groceries, and I go to a lot of games, but this is us!  My husband and my son were reluctant to take in two students.  After all, living with four girls can sound a little frightening.  As predicted, we are now a happy family of 6.  My son always has someone to watch a movie with or play basketball with, and my husband gets to hear all of the crazy teen stories when he picks up the girls from school.  I don’t know if it was fate, or if my Local Coordinator is just good at finding me the best students, but it all happened to teach me a lesson about enjoying the little things and enjoying people. I definitely came out the winner. I recommend taking the leap and hosting an exchange student. In return, you may find your peace, love, and joy.

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About the Author: Becky Z. is a career host mom living in AZ who can’t turn away a student in need of a home. She is currently hosting two exchange students, Anri from Japan and Vivian from Germany.