Giving Tuesday is Here!

Today is the day to merge your thoughtful giving with heartfelt donations. Choose your dollar amount from small tokens of gratitude to lofty goals and become a YouHelp hero.

Happy #GivingTuesday From


YouHelp and Giving Tuesday is where your tithing dollars should go.  It is said that ten percent of your income is the biblical formula that promises the gifter the reward of sustenance. Sustenance for yourself, your family, and the people that you love. 

It has been traditionally implored to the members of the community to actually test it out for themselves. Give a tithe with the expectation of positive financial results. Of all the commandments in biblical tradition, only the act of giving charity is permitted even encouraged to be tested. The commandment to honor and respect one’s parents promises long life and could also be tested. No other testing of the Almighty is permitted.

So today as 2019 draws to a close, take the challenge and look closely at your income and balance out your personal ledger of income versus giving.

Let’s consider that your accumulated assets are in reality a heavenly checkbook and you as the signer of these checks have been designated to distribute and use the money wisely, Accordingly, when an opportunity presents itself to give sustenance to someone in need – you will. 

You only have to go up in an airplane and look down from the clouds out the window when a plane is flying low and see all the towns and communities. Imagine the daily beseeching through private conversations to the almighty for sustenance and livelihood. 

Your higher power gives to you the wage earner, the entrepreneur, the skilled professional, the laborer, the baseball player, the artist, the entertainer his checkbook and he says, “Here, help me out.  Give just as you expect others to give. Give 10 to a maximum of 20 percent –” 

Giving Tuesday is just one day that you can sit and evaluate, if you gave to others 10% of the checkbook, wisely.

Today the Internet has declared Giving Tuesday for all those affiliated and those not affiliated to organized religion to be humanitarian and to look around through your social media channels and emails and websites and be responsive. has a variety of causes and if you turn the pages you will find a few campaigns that will touch your heart. 

On Giving Tuesday you can feel goodly by giving.

Libby Hikind is the founder and CEO of