Where do Grants Come From?

Where do grants come from? 

In 2015, the US government awarded over 500 billion in funding to support ideas and projects to strengthen our communities as part of the federal grant program. Some initiatives are funded directly from the federal government agencies, while the funding for other initiatives is funneled through state and local governments.

Government grant applications vary greatly, depending on who you are submitting an application to. A federal grant can be as heavy as 100 pages with an additional 100 pages of appendices, while a state or local grant may be just 5-7 pages in total. The number of allowable pages may also differ according to the agency within the federal, state or local government.

Most community service grants are awarded by the federal government and offered strictly to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. Depending on your mission, you may want to establish a nonprofit to better position yourself for grant eligibility. Inventions, construction and innovative technologies eligibility are inclusive of small businesses and for profit organizations. Religious organizations are eligible for grant funding under faith-based initiatives.

Do all grants come from federal funding? 

Not all grants are federally funded. Many originate from state and local governments, as well as corporate, community and private foundations. Community and private foundations are formed by an individual, group or families, with a common mission to support philanthropic endeavors. Foundation grants are offered to nonprofits that will accomplish the mission of that foundation.

What’s unique about GrantWatch.com is that our grant listings include all of the above; government, state, local, corporation and foundation grants. Our user friendly platform allows you to search by Funding Source, shown below:

Federal Grants

Grants to USA Nonprofits, For-Profits, IHEs, Agencies, and Individuals to Address Bias in Criminal Justice

Deadline: 3/31/17

Awards to USA Teachers for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education

Deadline: 5/4/17

Foundation and Corporation Grants

Grants to Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Nonprofits for Events that Impact Learning

Deadline: Ongoing

Local Government Grants

Grants to Minneapolis, Minnesota Dry Cleaning Businesses to Reduce the Use of Harmful Chemicals

Deadline: 4/21/17

State Government Grants

Grants to Ohio PreK-12 Schools and Home-School Associations for Transportation Costs for Art Field Trips

Deadline: Ongoing

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